The Administrative Structure & Staff at Drepung Gomang Monastery

Administrative Structure

The highest official of the monastery is the Abbot (Khenpo).  He holds his office for a term of six years.  The monastery submits a list of nominees to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  Each of these candidates has completed the highest monastic exam conducted by the Gelugpa Board and has obtained the Geshe Lharampa degree.  His Holiness could choose an abbot from this list of candidates or he could appoint someone else.

Under the abbot are three officials:  the disciplinary head or Gego;  the prayer head or chant master, Umdze; Lama Shunglenba, the person in charge of the monks' studies.

Another very important group of officials consists of the manager and the treasurer, known as Chanzoe. These officials are in charge of administrating the monastery and its economics on a day-to-day basis.  They are elected every three years.

The Adminstrative Staff (Chanzoe)

Standing (left to right): Geshe Tsering Puntsok, Geshe Samten Gyatso (Chief Administrator), Geshe Kalsang Ngodup, Seshe Tashi Gyamtso, Geshe Tsewang Thinley
Sitting (left to right): Ven. Tenzin Rigzin (Tibetan Secretary),  Geshe Sonam Dawa (Accountant), Mr. Migmar Tsering (English Secretary), Geshe Tsoney Gyamtso

Chief Administrator:   Geshe Samten Gyatso
Geshe Tsering Phuntsok
Geshe Kalsang Ngodup
Geshe Tashi Gyamtso
Geshe Tsewang Thinley
Geshe Tsoney Gyamtso
Tibetan Secretary
Ven. Tenpa Rigzin

English Secretary
Mr. Migmar Tsering

At Gonkhang Deity House Before the Oath Ceremony

Offering Ceremonial Scarves at Altar of Deity   
Taking Oath Before Protector Mahakala

Ven. Abbot Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lharampa Yonten Dhamchoe
Addressing the First Ceremony of the New Directors, Accountant & Secretaries

Mr. Migmar Tsering has been the Secretary (English section) since June 2, 1996.

Decision-Making Bodies

Monastic Assemblies can range in size from only a few of the top officials to virtually all of the monks.  Monastic Assemblies are convened by the Abbot.  The main decision-making figures are the current Abbot, the ex-Abbots, the three officials (Gego, Umdze, and Lama Shunglenba), the Treasurer (Chamzoes) and special representatives, usually a khangsten Gegan (monk in charge) sent by a khangtsen.  On major issues, it is common for each khangsten to discuss the issue before sending its delegates or khangtsen Gegan to the assembly.

(Khangtsen: A khangtsen is a residential subunit consisting of the apartments of the monks as well as its administration. When a monk enters Drepung Gomang Monastery he had to enroll in a specific khangtsen. This is determined by the khangtsen's officials who look after the welfare of the monks and the economics of the khangsten. A khangtsen sometimes may contain dormitory subunits known as mitsen which are even more specific with regards to the geographic origin of the monk.)

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