Kalsang Losel

Name: Kalsang Losel
Admission Number: 711
Age: 35
Khangtsen: Danyi
Year of Enrollment: 1990
Monastic Class: Zoe (second year)
Expected Graduation Year: 2019
Native Place: Amdo Khagay, Tibet

Kalsang Losel was born in Eastern Tibet (Amdo). From eight to fourteen years old, he attended school in Tibet and studied Chinese, math, and Tibetan. He became a monk at the age of 17 at his native place. In 1990 he went into exile in India to escape from the Chinese re-education system and to do more studies. He wishes to be a good dharma teacher in the future and serve the Drepung Gomang community.

Your sponsorship of $20 per will help him in his studies. Please make checks out to "Drepung Gomang College" and send your correspondence to the address below. A receipt will be issued for every donation and good correspondence will be maintained.

Drepung Gomang Administrative Office
P.O. Tibetan Colony 581 411
Disst Karwar, N.K. India

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