The Libary at Drepung Gomang Monastery

Library Building (on the second floor)
His Holiness Blessing the Library - November 11, 1996

Librarian Geshe Tenpa Choklang, Assistant Lobsang Ngawang, and scores of computer operators and monks are busily involved editing texts. When the monks escaped to India from Tibet, they were able to carry a  few texts and books which they stored in a  make-shift library at their transit camp in northeast India.

Librarian Geshe Tenpa Choklang

After re-establishing in south India, the monastery was able to construct a good library which houses a large collection of Buddhist sacred texts. Books and texts are available for loan to every student at Drepung Gomang Monastery.  The library  charges very nominal fees for its many services.

Geshe Tenpa Choklang reports:

Our monastery has a large collection of Buddhist texts compared to other monasteries.  No other monastery has what we have here at the Drepung Gomang Library. This is a result  of the  many scholars from this monastery who have written texts, important commentaries, etc.
Our aim is to preserve all these works and make them available to our students.  In addition,  we have a computer section at our library where rare sacred texts are input into the computer and stored there as data and made available to the students.
However, with a scarcity of funds and other resources, we are not able to print out the many important texts to make them readily available to the students.

Inside the Library
Computer Room

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