Projects of Drepung Gomang Monastery
South India

Monks Food Foundation Project

Monks undergo many hours of study and good health is a must for study.  All the food for the monks in the monastery is supplied from the college communal kitchen.  Breakfast is a slab of bread and sugarless tea.  Lunch consists of vegetables and bread, sometimes rice.  And dinner is rice and tibetan noodle soup (Thukpa).  Please go to our kitchen link for pictures of the monks preparing and serving the meals at the monastery.

The goal of the Drepung Gomang Food Foundation is to ensure the proper nourishment of the monks at Drepung Gomang Monastery.  Presently, there are 1850 monks living at the monastery.   Each year, approximately 150 new monks from Tibet, Mongolia, Tibetan Mongolia, Russia, Nepal, the Himalayan regions of India of Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, and the Tibetan settlements in India come to the monastery.

Since the monastery is dedicated to the survival and continuance of the teachings of the Buddha, no person is refused entrance into the monastery.  However, many of these monks have no financial resources to support themselves.  As a result, Gomang is faced with the ever increasing problem of providing enough food for the monastery to ensure that everyone living there remains healthy.

The Food Foundation plans to guarantee that the monastery will have enough money in reserve so that even in times of financial drought or crisis, there will always be food available.  The plan is to raise enough money so that the food allowance will be paid by the interest that is generated by money deposited in the Food foundation.  This ensures that no matter what economic situation arises, there will always be a supply of food for the monks.

The monthly community kitchen expenses are approximately Rs. 3.5 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh (US $7,602.91 to US $9,775.17)

Emergency Health Fund

Until recently, the monastery has been providing 75% medical allowances to the monks who undergo medical treatment, provided that they submit original copies of their medical bills and expenses.  Ths allowance had been made to an individual monk after every three months.  This program had been very beneficial to the monks who don't have any money and who live solely on prayer offerings.

Dr. Sherab Gyatso Examining a Patient

With the increase in population, illnesses like colds, stomach ulcers, jaundice, and diarrhea have become common.  In addition, some monks also undergo complicated heart surgery.

However, for the past months, there has been a decrease in the percentage provided because of insufficient funds for this program and because of the many monks who have been coming forward to claim this medical allowance.  This means that in the future, many, many sick monks won't be able to go the hospital as they won't be able to afford to do so.

The donations received for this project will be kept in a separate account and will be used for providing medical allowance to the monks.  Also, the funds raised from the sale of books by the Sacred Art Tour will be used for this emergency health fund.

Donation requested:

Besides providing monthly allowances, the monastery's dispensary has been doing many great works:
a)     Inviting doctors/specialists from cities and town for checkups of monk students
b)     Visiting senior monks' residences with the doctor and keeping monthly checkups
c)     Charging only nominal fees for medicines
d)     Providing doctor services totally free
e)     Providing dressing of wounds, sores at no charge
f)     Assisting patients when they go for further medical treatment
Old Monks Care Home

The Old Monks of this monastery have really worked hard to re-establish this monastery in south India.  The monastery has been able to preserve its religious traditions and customs--all because of the great vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and also because of the great effort put forward by the senior monks.  Some of the great teachers have also worked in the field during those hard days to run this monastery--besides teaching the monk students.

A Worker at the Old Monks Care Home
Donations requested for:
The monastery wishes to construct an Old Monks Care Home where they will be provided special care, food supplements, and monthly allowances/stipends.

Handicraft Training School

Besides religious studies, the monastery also has set up a Handicraft Training School where monks and lay people work together providing employment opportunities to the youth of the Tibetan Community as well as nearby Indian villages.

Handicraft Training Center
The mission of the training school is as follows:
  1. Give employment to the youth of the Tibetan settlement, especially to benefit school dropouts and the uneducated.
  2. Create closer ties between Tibetans and Indians and ensure that Indian youth are trained and made self employed after completion of the training.
  3. Assist monks who are not able to pursue monastic studies by training them in tailoring, painting, etc. so that they can remain and serve the monastery.
Training in tailoring, painting, and embroidery is provided at Gomang Handicraft Training School without any fee.  Economically and socially, this Training School is a great help to the people of all walks of life.  Besides imparting meaningful vocational training to the poor, it also provides income for all the community in general.


Drepung Gomang Library is one of the reputed Buddhist libraries in South India.  It is a houses a large collection of rare Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, important commentaries and books on the Five Major Schools of Buddhism, History, Poetry, Philosophy, etc.  Books and texts are made available for loan to every student at Drepung Gomang Monastery.  The library charges very nominal fees for its many services.  The aim of the library is to preserve all these works and make them available to the students and other scholars.  All the staff of the library are monk volunteers.

Library Building

Working in the Library

Library Computer Room

Major Works of the Library:

Poor Condition of the Roof: Need of Storeroom

With scores of texts and books, the library is desperately in need of a storeroom where the stock of texts and books can be stored without danger of destruction or damage.  the library used to have storeroom nearby, it it was later taken away in order to construct other needed rooms.  The monastery allotted a new storeroom, but it is quite far from the library.

If funds are donated, then the library will construct a spacious storeroom also above the current roof to keep all the stocks of texts and books.  This will give needed shade and a cooler temperature to the library as well as providing storage space   If this is not done, there is a great threat of damage and staining to the important works of great scholars

Donation Requested:

  1. Donation are requested for reprinting sacred Buddhist texts into book format so they will be easily available to students.
  2. Donations are requested to construct a storeroom above the present building.
Hostel Construction

When Drepung Gomang Monastery was relocated in South India (the present location), there were only about 60 monks.  The Indian Government allotted lands to monasteries, and our monastery was allotted only 40.4 acres of land to the 60 monks.  Now with the rapid increase of monks, the current monk population of the monastery is about 1,850.  Every year, more monks arrive from Tibet, Russia, Mongolia, and Inner Mongolia, as well as from Nepal and the Himalayan regions such as Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, and also from various Tibetan settlements in India.  Farming is done on 15 acres of land where we grow paddy or corn every year.  On the remaining acres, the school, prayer hall, hostels, and dormitories have been constructed.  The monastery still needs more hostels to accommodate monks and it needs funds to purchase more land.

Building a Hostel

Donations Requested: Community Services

Free Summer Camp for Lay Students of Tibetan Settlements:

Every year, Dre-Gomang Buddhist Cultural Association has been organizing a Summer Camp for lay students of Tibetan settlements.  Here they are taught Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan calligraphy (for the small ones), Tibetan history, and Tibetan literature.  This summer camp coincides with the holiday of Gomang school (for the monks) and also with the holiday of the Central School (for lay people).  The monks voluntarily teach the young students.  This has been going on for a number of years, and many young students have greatly benefited from this program.

Summer Camp

Garbage Tractor

Twice a week, a small tractor has been busy picking up garbage from various points in the monastery and carrying it to a waste dumping site without any charge.  This service greatly benefits the environment has had made the monks more environmentally aware.

Appeal and Request

We plead to all individuals and organizations to donate funds for the various projects described above.  Please make checks/drafts in favor "Drepung Gomang Monastery."  A receipt will be issued for every contribution and donors will be kept informed of the progress of our projects.  Our monks will pray for your good wishes and health life.

Please do send your contribution and correspondence to this address:

Drepung Gomang Monastic Administrative Office
P.O. Tibetan colony 581-411
Distt:  Karwar
Karnataka State
Tel:  91-8301-245619/246084
Telefax:  91-8301-245697

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