Our Benefactors

Drepung Gomang Monastery thanks its many benefactors for their contributions and service to the monastery.  We are naming on this page some of our very special friends and showing their pictures.  If you have been a benefactor to our monastery and you are not recognized here, or if you know of anyone who has been omitted, we apologize for our error and ask that you contact us at once.  Thank you.  (After the Rinpoches, names are listed in alphabetical order.)

Dragpo Rinpoche Jamphel Gyasto, the founding father of Entraide Franco Tibetaine, France.

Dragpo Rinpoche and his organization are the primary and oldest association supporting Drepung Gomang Monastery.  The progress that we see in the monastery is also because of the great support and guidance from Rinpoche and his disciples.

Dr. Subhuti Dharmananda and his family with the First Gomang Tour Group

Dr. Subhuti Dharmananda is the Director of the Institute for Traditional Medicine.  He is one of the main and oldest benefactors of Drepung Gomang Monastery.  Due to his kindness, many projects of the monastery have been successful.

Andreas Kurz, Founder and Director of Friends of Drepung Gomang

Andreas is with the senior monks of this monastery.  He established Friends of Drepung Gomang, the first not-for-profit Gomang organization in the America.  In addition, he coordinated the First Tour Group which started the successive tours.

Harry Hill

Harry Hill is a close friend of Drepung Gomang Monastery

Curtis Jones

Curtis is a generous person and a close friend of Goamang.  He also hosts the tour group whenever they visit his area.  He has visited the monastery several times and has always given genuine guidance to the monastery.

Chela Kunasz and Louise (Shanti) Bhadriah of Boulder, Colorado with Gomang School Children

Everyone calls Chela Kunasz and Louise (Shanti) Badriah "Ama La" ("mother" in Tibetan). Disciples of great spiritual master of Sutra and Tantra, late Khensur Rinpoche Tempa Tenzin.   Everyone in this settlement knows them for their kindness, love, and compassionate help to the needy.

Geshe Mepham,    Lee Gingsen              Lee Yishiung.

Lee Gingsen and Lee Yishiung are devoted Buddhists who have pledged to support the monastery.  They are disciple of Geshe Mepham and have visited this monastery several times. They have also arranged short visits of our monks to Taiwan which was 
very successful and lots of funds was able to raised for food foundation and also for emergency medical fund. They have been sending donations to the monastery and have also encouraged other donors in Taiwan to donate for the monastery.

Mr. Colin Gregg and his dog Ouefa (e-fa)

Mr. Colin Gregg Ferrell, a good friend of monastery has been helping this monastery by raising funds through various fund raising programs and sending the funds to monastery. Please do visit his website to know about the various fund raising program- http://www.traditionally-tibet.org/

Long Nguyen with Geshe Kalsang Monlam

Geshe Monlam is a senior monk of this monastery.  His guidance and support are immeasurable. Long Nguyen is a Vietnamese friend known for his dedication towards Drepung Gomang Monastery

Ama Mary and His Holiness

Ama Mary, coordinator for the Fourth Tour Group and dear friend of Drepung Gomang Monastery.  She is a volunteer at the Tibetan Cultural Center and has been finding new sponsors for our monks and collecting sponsorship funds to send the monastery.  She has been very supportive towards our monks and also to this monastery.

Janaki Pierson, tour coordinator of the Second Tour Group, with friends and the Second Tour Group - 2000-01.

Janaki is popularly known here as "Ama Janakai."  Besides coordinating the very successful Second Tour, she was a good friend of the First Tour Group.

Greg Schultz on Right

Greg Schultz and his family have been very supportive towards the tour and the monastery. He selflessly helped the monastery as the USA National Tour Coordinator for the 3rd Tour group and also assisted every tour group that has come to the USA, acting as the local coordinator (Philadelphia). Upon request from the monastery, leaving aside everything, he flew to Delhi from the USA in 2002 to assist the monks in successfully getting USA visas and also came to India to assist the monks in their visa reappeal in 2008. More than being a tour coordinator, he is above all a friend of everyone at the monastery and a great disciple of Geshe Kalsang Monlam.

Sandra Esner, Director of Angels Without Wings

Sandra Esner, working with Geshe Kalsang Monlam, has been a strong and generous supporter of Drepung Gomang Monastery for many years.

Jennifer Harris and Ngawang Paljor

Jennifer has hosted all three tour groups.  She is a tireless worker for the monastery and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Carole Stewart

Carol Stewart is one of the former directors of Drepung Gomang Institute in Louisville, Kentucky.  Her hard work and dedication  made this Gomang center in the USA a reality and legal, besides coordinating the tour groups when ever they visit Louisville, Carol has been the US Tour Coordinator for the sixth tour group during initial stages

Sue Simone (left) with Geshe Lobsang Samdup and Anne Dolma (DGI member)

Sue Simone, US National Tour coordinator . She greatly helped the tour group by coordinating the tour schedules after Carol. She has kindly accepted to help the monastery in future tours. 

Bruce Groner and His Son

Bruce Groner and his son (in pic), Wilson Products has helped this monastery by sending donation regularly for last couple of years, the donation that we received from him and other kind sponsors greatly help us in taking care of ever increasing monk population.

Pam Hamilton with her family and Gomang Tour members

Pam Hamilton and her family have been consistent benefactors to Gomang Monastery, hosting the Gomang Tour groups many, many times since the 2002 Tour Group first came to her area in Pennsylvania. Pam appears in the upper center photo with Geshe Yonten.


Jennifer White and SFT Members

Jennifer White and Students for a Free Tibet have been supporting this monastery for many years and coordinating the tour group of the monastery whenever they visit their area.


Drepung Gomang Institute, Louisville, KY is a sister organization of Drepung Gomang Monastery, South India.  The Center is a  501 ( c ) ( 3 ) legal status and tax exempted status in United States. Board of directors as of 2010 September are Geshe Sangay, Geshe Rabgyal, Anne Walter, Michel Siefring, Jason Holland, Steve and Beth Beam, Anne Dolma and Keith Schmidt. The center have been organizing monastery's tour group for several years.